Virtual Reality Casinos

An interesting future factor is virtual reality. The industry is no longer in its infancy, but the relevant applications have now arrived on the market and the devices are affordable. Of course, online gaming is not unaffected by this either. At some point we will be able to play in the greatest and most luxurious casinos in the world without really being there.

Augmented Reality, which is familiar from the game Pok√©mon GO, could also change the online gaming industry drastically. With this technology you can not only create houses in which it haunts or project virtual street names and house numbers onto the real world. You can also imagine remarkable gaming experiences, for example playing a classic slot machine on your fridge or playing pinball on the washing machine. The hybrid game “Max Quest: Wrath of Ra” by Betsoft, published in 2018, has already shown what is possible with its groundbreaking technology.