Online Football betting Guide

It’s no secret that football is the king of sport in the world. It brings joy to fans but also allows them to earn agent through sports betting. Indeed, it is possible to earn money by betting on football, but you still have to know how to go about it. Below, you will discover the football betting guide to help you make good online sports betting on football.


  • Team form details should be researched before placing bets.
  • In online sports betting, you can bet on pre-match or live-in-play.
  • Some people can make money from online sports betting.

Passion For Football Betting: Football Betting Guide

Almost every football fan would love to make legal sports betting on their favorite teams and win some money. It is far from being a utopia. It is possible to win nice sums of money by betting on football. To get there, you need some emotional discipline, good analysis, and the right betting strategy.

How to Bet On Football

This part will find the different steps to follow to bet well on one or more football games. From the outset, you should know that there are several ways to bet on football: before or during the match. Depending on your choice, the approach is different.

Bets Before The Match

Analyze The Teams Data Carefully Before Betting

In our football betting guide, we must point out that if you choose pre-game football betting, then your analysis needs to be carefully broken down. Already, you should know that a football match in terms of betting is played in 90 minutes. Your bet will therefore have to stand on the regulation time of a football game.

The Differences Between The Teams

We must carefully analyze the two teams that will compete. You must identify the one who has the most significant financial power and, therefore, the best players (a priori).

  • The state of form.
  • It is good to go until the last five games of each team and appreciate the wins/losses/draws on each side.
  • The stake of the match.
  • The stake of the match will determine the motivation and the commitment of the players to achieve victory.

Bet During The Match/ Live In-Play

As the name suggests, it’s all about waiting for the match to start and seeing the trends in the match before making a bet. This method indeed relies much more on intuition.

Its advantage comes from the fact that you will be able to control the parameters of the match better. These consider many factors, including the possible presence of a red card, the weather, or the score’s evolution. Unfortunately, betting odds vary a lot during live matches.

The Main Types Of Football Betting

To become a successful football bettor, one must also know the different types of bets.

The Winner

It is a question of choosing between three events: the home team’s victory, the visitor’s victory, and the draw.

The Number Of Goals

You can choose the number of goals scored by the home team, the visiting team, or both teams overall.

The Exact Score

The final score at half-time or the end of the match has one of the most critical odds.


As seen in this football betting guide, football offers several possibilities to win money on by betting on one or more matches. To venture there without method would be a big mistake to be avoided absolutely. You have been able to discover the different stages that will undoubtedly allow you to make winning bets. Do not hesitate to embark on the adventure.