Live Casinos

No gambler can resist the allure of internet gaming today. The odds are high, and the winnings are big, but even better is the ability to play any game on the go. The best internet casinos today enable gamblers to play a variety of games including table games, poker, and video games. But there is a new chic in town- that is live gaming. Live casinos have changed the game taking internet gambling to the next level of reality. If you are interested in live gaming below is all the information you need to know about the live casinos.

About Live Casinos

Online gambling might have come with a few limitations, but live casinos have now shattered all barriers to a smooth and trustworthy gaming experience. The latter simulates real-life gambling. While Gaming you will have unparalleled gaming experience, similar to land-based casinos.

Live Casinos and standard online casinos vary tremendously. Though online casinos provide games that are entirely computer controlled, live gambling clubs provide games that are controlled by a human dealer. Subsequently, there is Random Number Generators) associated with gaming in live casinos. Further still, naysayers of online casinos generally feel at ease with live gaming because of the way the human dealer displays cards in the front of all gamblers, just like in land-based casinos. There is no monkey business.

Although we exceptionally vouch to acquire the experience of gaming at the live casino, we should caution that it can be more addictive than playing at the customary online casino. You could conceivably wind up spending more cash than you expected, in case you’re not watchful. But every aspect of it is exhilarating.

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The Journey From Land-based to Online to Live Casinos

In the recent past, there has been a mass migration from online to live casinos. It is phenomenal, but the first step towards this great future that we are living today started in 1994 when Micro gaming changed the gambling world as we knew it. It was this web pioneer that begun creating online gambling software and hosted the first ever online Casino that same year. 

The first online casinos were entirely different to the gaming sites we see today. A year later in 1995 Micro gaming further improved the experience with software for player tracking and casino management. Other I-gaming software developers followed suit with new online casinos.

Between the mid-90s and early 2000s, online casino software organizations built many recreations of land-based casino games like Slots, Roulette and Baccarat among others. Micro gaming, Playtech, and NetEnt invested heavily in simple online casino games infused with a lot of aesthetics to attract and captivate gamers.

As many casino games moved online, so did gamers. Online gaming sites started receiving massive amounts of traffic that only picked up steadily as providers looked for better ways to improve the gambling experience. It is in that spirit of game and user experience improvement that live casinos were birthed.

Live casinos are believed to be more transparent and fair because gamers can see a dealer shuffle the cards as opposed to playing via robotic computer software. That may be why many card sharks are making the switch from online to live casinos.

How Live Casinos Operate

Live casino tables work like real life land-based casinos. You will see the dealer shuffling out the cards or a croupier setting the wheel in motion in a roulette game. Besides the live dealer screen, you will have a control panel tab on the side. From the control tab, you can communicate with the dealer and other players, place bets and check your account balance among other functions.

Some live casinos can be accessed via a browser, while others may need you to install the software on your computer or mobile device. The experience is still the same in both cases. When it comes to I-gaming, live casinos have emerged to be the real deal; players get have a gambling experience that is super close to real, with a couple of conveniences that will chaff you to bits.

The live I-gaming experience

The atmosphere in an online live casino is thrilling, exciting and anticipatory, just like the case with the mortar and brick casinos. Live gambling at online casinos far surpasses the experience at standard online casinos. You see people and get to interact with them, you hear wheels turning, cards being shuffled and all that from your home comfort. All of it happens in real time. To assuare you that none of it is pre-recorded, some live casinos have a live TV news channel running in the background. You can catch the evening news as you stalk lady luck.

Why live dealers?

Land-based casinos have an appealing atmosphere most of which is contributed to by attractive dealers. That is the main reason why numerous players who have used land-based casinos find it hard to play at standard online casinos. Consequently, to ease the transition and offer an uncompromised gaming experience, live casinos employ live dealers to make gamblers feel at home.

Live dealing is an alluring concept that many online gamblers feel enhances trustworthiness and reliability of the casinos. It tends to be hard to trust that computer software will make randomized cards without profiting specific players. Many believe that any mid-level hacker can break into such a framework and modify the program to have an unfair advantage over other gamblers. In live casinos, this problem is laid to rest thanks live dealers.

When you gamble in a live casino, the rules of gaming are similar as with the brick and mortar casino because a real person is controlling the game. The dealers rearrange and shuffle the cards so that gamers don’t have to bet their luck on the integrity of computer software that could be hacked into.

Benefits of Gaming at the Live Casinos

Real-time gaming and live dealers

The one biggest advantage of live casinos is the fact that players can enjoy a real-time game controlled by a human being and not bots. This component enables gamers to observe the gaming procedure in an exceptionally transparent setting as if they were at the land-based casino… You will be able to follow the activities of the dealer and other gamers so that when you roll the dice, it is on a square table. Majority of the dealers At the live casinos are trustworthy and experts; that assures gamblers that all games will be controlled professionally.

Anywhere, any place, awesome

Another advantage of live casinos is that you can try your hand at table games anywhere any time. You only need an internet connection. Lady luck may find you at home, on the road, at work or wherever. You also cut on transportation costs since you don’t need to check in at a physical location. And with all the mobile flexibility, nothing of the gaming quality, transparency and fairness is compromised.

Foolproof technology

Another ace in the hole when it comes to living gaming online is the fact the casinos use cutting-edge technology that protects the games, the players and their resources. The icing on the cake is that as a gamer, you will be able to see everything through live streaming technology. With powerful video streaming technology, there is zero delay from the time the cards are shuffled to when you look at it on your screen. The picture quality is superb so that gamers don’t suffer bad luck on account of an unclear video. From the start to the end, you will have peace of mind and trust in the game, and such positive vibes can be your lucky charm.

Live Chat

Another significant advantage of live casinos is that on account of innovations players can talk to other gamers and the dealer via the live chat feature. Because of the live chat feature, live gaming is more personable, as you feel like e a part of a team that shares an emotional connection.

Popular Casino Live Games

There are exciting games with big jackpots. Random Number Generators are a thing of the past thanks to a live dealer. Real-time technology is geared towards ensuring that gamblers get a fair outcome. The best online live casino games today include:

Sic Live Bo

Live Sic Bo is steadily becoming one of the trendiest live casino games. This live casinois being played with a live dealer and three dice. During the game, the dealer moves three dice for you to be able to bet on the result. If the effect you bet on does appear, you win; if it does not, you lose your chance. I-gamers place their wagers on the panel adjacent to the live screen.

Many live casinos provide Sic Bo. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of them are Asian because the game originates from China. Not many live casino platforms have Scio in their lineups, but the few that do provide an extraordinary experience.

Baccarat Live

This is is another gamers’ favorite at live casinos. Baccarat is a comparison card game that is similar to blackjack. Big live tables are offered to satisfy a group of many. There is not a single time where no one is at the table baccarat. And there are live dealers to join the game at all times.

There are 3 main categories of the Baccarat, but all the styles of the baccarat include the hands examination between the “player” and the “dealer” to decide a victor. The three forms of the baccarat that are played mostly today are Punto Banco, Chemin Fer de, as well as Baccarat Banque.

Live Hold’em

Live Hold’em is an exciting rendition of Texas Hold’em for live poker fans. It takes the standard of 52-deck of cards to play this game. The cards get reshuffled after each of the game. Like many other casino games with live hold’em, you have to ahead of the dealer by securing the best five-card hand.

Live Casino Hold’em provides all the quality and excitement that gamblers can look for in a poker game. There are standard and individual tables for players accessible either via desktop or mobile devices. You can easily win a mega Jackpot prize at a live hold ’em table. 

Live Roulette

Throughout the years, Roulette has turned into a staple game in casinos across the world. Its trendy nature at real casinos led to it being adapted for online when online casinos started in the 90s. Recently, when live streaming revolutionized online gaming, Roulette followed from basic online to live. Now you can get a good experience of this game live on your computer or mobile device, just as you would on land.

During the Live Roulette game, a dealer turns roulette wheel like just as in land-based casinos. Live Roulette conveys all that you’d expect from a roulette game. In contrast with standard online Roulette, this variation opens you to a wow factor that you will never find in other roulette games. Live dealers make the game feel more authentic than online-based versions.

Live Black Jack

There are various live variations of blackjack. In all the cases, there are usually many players, and you can expect a fun and fast-paced game. The interactive nature of live blackjack makes it the best popular sports among I-gamers. Human dealers deal the cards directly in front of you. You will get to enjoy the odds and an atmosphere similar to a physical casino.

In live blackjack, you play against the dealer and try to score 21 points or any number near that but not above it. You can beat the dealer by getting 21 on your first two cards, or finish the round with points higher than the dealer’s but not exceeding 21. Live blackjack offers many a chance at big winnings. Many casinos have different versions of their live blackjack. It is down to the gamer to find a suitable game and a trusted site provider.


Gambling has been in existence since time immemorial. This sport has endured calamities, revolutions and re-invented itself through time and technology. One of the transformations of our recent times is live casinos. Both players and providers have praised live casinos, sometimes rating them even higher than land-based casinos due to the authentic, flexible and convenient experiences they provide. Standard online casinos today have either to shape up to live gaming or ship out of the industry altogether.