Do you think winning jackpots is impossible in online casinos? Well, it is won every day by many in online casinos. Winning it may be difficult but not impossible. This guide will show you where as well as how you can win a jackpot. Winning jackpot comes in two different opinions. Some people consider that the jackpot is for the lucky one and for rest it is wasted. But for some it is different. Even if you fail to win the life-changing money, you do get the fun and enjoyment while playing it.

Are you familiar with the term life-changing money’? If not, here are few facts about the jackpots payouts by the online casino:

  • A Finnish Player won the largest amount in single win on the NetEnt Mega Fortune online slot. The prize money was €17.3 million.

  • These are won by people almost every month with 5 to 6 digit payouts on weekly occurrence.

  • There are many jackpots worth more than $1,000,000 on slots by MicroGaming, NetEnt, RealTime, IGT and PlayTech. Along with that there are many 6-digits i.e. $100,000 or more pools.

Not only slots, but also you can get jackpot by playing some table games like poke, roulette and blackjack too. Sometimes the bingo games and scratch cards can also give away jackpot prizes.

To know more about different sorts of jackpots like linked and progressive etc. and get complete overview, read on.

Casinos With The Best Jackpot

The casinos that provide the best jackpot may vary from one location to another. There are some online casinos that provide the best jackpot in US or worldwide.

Tips: It is always better to choose the casinos that host different games from various software providers.

Casinos With Biggest Jackpots

#1: Red Online Casino

  • One of the most popular brands for MicoGaming casino
  • Features ThunderStruck 2, Mega Moolah and many other slot games
  • Get £32 bonus for every deposit of £20

#2: 888Casino

  • Unique games with unique jackpot slots
  • Can be played on apps as well as browsers
  • Free bonuses along with regular promotions

#3: Casino Unibet

  • Always exciting things happening
  • Unparalleled selection of best slot jackpots
  • Huge collection of games from leading software companies

Types of Slot Jackpot In Online Casinos

Have you ever wondered that how some jackpots hit $10,000,000+ whereas some get to only $500,000? Well, the jackpot amount depends mainly on two key factors. One is how often this jackpot is paid by the owners. Second factor is the connection of the jackpot with different types of slots and types of casinos.

Here are the types of jackpots that you must know about:

#1: Linked Jackpot

This is the biggest jackpot of all. The biggest jackpots always have a thing in common. It can be won by various online casinos. Due to the way these games have been licensed and developed, the prize pools of these are all shared. Renowned software houses make these games and also they run the jackpot.

The most popular one is the MicroGaming. It is the best known for its jackpot games like Major Millions and Mega Moolah. All the casinos that have MicroGaming software license show the same amount of jackpot. Any player playing at any one of these casinos can get a chance to win the jackpot prize. Also, with every spin you take the entire prize pool will increase.

So, that means your jackpot amount is rising quite quickly because every player present at different casinos contribute to the jackpot. Due to bigger prize money, it starts attracting more and more players resulting into a giant sized jackpot amount that you see. You can get the information of the best linked progressiveness in the jackpot section of all online casinos.

#2: Themed Jackpot: Shared

This is another common type of jackpot for online slot. It is a pool which is shared between different games. The most popular player online is the Marvel Slots by PlayTech. These are some amazing games which are mainly based on the newest movies and are very much entertaining. This pays off the jackpot via different game and it often reaches to a high 6-digits.

Some of the best shared jackpots can be the Reel Series’ by RealTime Gaming. You can find many slots in these ranges. These include Jackpot Pinatas and Aztec Riches. This is one the multi-million dollar shared pools and it pays randomly from any featured slots. In this case, there are 4 different levels of jackpot. The smaller one is paid quite often.

The Mega Jackpot’ of this category from IGT is shared between various flagship slots such as Monopoly, Siberian Storm and Cleopetra. If you can successfully scoop the pool on these games, then you can get a chance to win the $1,000,000+ payout. If you are looking for the best place to head for playing online slots, then you must visit Unibet Casino.

#3: Single Casino Jackpots

Not every jackpot is shared. There are some of the big prize amounts are available only at some specific casinos. This is only possible for the big brands as only they have the budget and reach to generate several actions. One such big brand in the market is 888Casino that has a Millionaire Genie Slot which can generate over $1,000,000+ pool many times. But this is activated at a random order which can make some very happy.

Also, the Party Casino is one of the operators that has a huge base which can sponsor its own jackpot amounts. The highlight game is the Mellon Madness. Many times, it has a whooping jackpot amount of 7-figures.

#4: Individual Jackpot Slots

Some individual jackpot slots come with great jackpots in the 6 to 7-figures range. Under this total sum, there are more than 100 of games where you can win $5,000 or even more with every single spin. The most popular theme is about having more than just a jackpot in total.

You will find some games often where the jackpot amount is quite high, though it is not progressive. You can check the interesting features of PlayTech slots for fantastic bonus games.

Casino Software With Best Jackpots

Have you find out the multiple casino license games that offer small jackpot amount? Then the next question is where you can get the best online slot games with the best jackpots. Here is some of the software tools that you can check along with their general stats and facts:

  • PlayTech: This has the most number of jackpot slots with biggest selection of various jackpots. Many biggest gaming brands use this software. Thus, many players can reach for the same game and enjoy playing it.
  • NetEnt: This is the next big name with great amounts of jackpots. You can focus on their Mega’ slots for highest prize amount.
  • Some of the greatest pools are the best casinos like Party Casino and 888 Casino. You will be able to enjoy some great jackpots at these Casinos.
  • The US Players can enjoy a huge jackpot from the RealTime gaming which is a multi-million pool with some amazing flagship slots.

Different Casino Software & Their Jackpots

PlayTech Progressive Jackpots

PlayTech Casinos has more jackpots than all the jackpots from other casinos together. The highest prize amount comes from the slot game named Beach Life. This game pays out multi-million prize amount regularly. It also has 4 out of the best 5 payouts that are made from PlayTech. Each comes with a mark of 5,000,000 Euro.

You can definitely try the Marvel Slots. This is an excellent game with a shared prize amount. At this moment, there are 12 at the range with a great jackpot which is above half of a million Euros. In the discussions and reviews of the PlayTech Jackpots, the Marvel slots are quite famous. Some of the highlighted online casino jackpots are:

  • Jackpot Giant: It is a popular game with Easter Island theme and it comes with 5 million Euros + pool
  • Beach Life: It is a video slot that regularly pays out 2 million Euros + prize pool
  • Spammalot: Amazing game with Monty Python theme and comes with 1 million Euro
  • Gold Rally or Funky Fruits: These come with 1 million Euro jackpots.

Net Entertainment Jackpots

The NetEnt holds the record of the highest single jackpot online win. As mentioned above, a Finnish player won it in 2013. There were also two big wins in 2015 of 8.5 million Euros and 7.8 million Euros. Besides these, there are also some small wins too.

The NetEnt often offers some amazing mid-sized jackpots. But you can win a lot with the Mega Fortune range of games. Newer varieties of this game has been developed and named Cosmic Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams. For the NetEnt slots, it is better to use Unibet. This is one of the biggest European brands which has better player base and reach too.

RealTime Gaming Progressive Jackpots

For the US Players, the RTG Slots is the best choice. You can access the bigger jackpots through this. There are some solid games and the best part is they pay the jackpots at random order. You will get a normal spin every time as the symbols don’t change on the reels.

There are more the 5 main slots with the biggest jackpot. Before you start playing, make sure to check the casinos for two things. First you need to check the total amount of coins needed for a shot. Second thing is to ensure whether or not the casino offer the share prize pool.

Some of the best slots you must try are – Shopping Spree, Aztec Millions, Midlife Crisis and Megosaur. These games provide a jackpot amount of minimum $1 million. If you are a US player, then you can find all these slot games at the most US friendly casino online, Bovada.

MicroGaming Progressive Jackpots

This is another software type which is very closely associated with the biggest jackpots. You can get million dollar jackpots at the MicroGaming online casinos. Best known game is the Mega Moolah game. It offers a huge amount of jackpot i.e. 13,000,000+ Pounds. It is a mega amount!

Some of the MicroGaming jackpot slots are – King Cashalot, The Dark Knight and Major Millions. These games are quite interesting with some exciting theme. These pay out a huge $1million+ amount prize from time to time. Also, there are many table games with some progressive jackpots with 5-digits prizes.

IGT Jackpot Slots

IGT was the first one to create the idea of the pooled jackpot. The first live slot on casino was the Mega Riches which was introduced by IGT. It offers multi-million prize amounts as jackpot. IGT shares the main jackpot between the 4 various titles.

Some of the famous slots that you can play to get the Mega Jackpot’ are – Monopoly, Cleopetra and Cluedo. These games are all interesting. Cleopetra is the most popular of all. These games come with various bonus prizes that you will love to win.

888 Casino Jackpot Slots

There are only 2 stand-alone casinos with big enough base to host the jackpot slots alone. 888 is one of these 2. The most prevalent and the best known game is the Millionaire Genie. It is a very interesting game which you will love to play. It also pays off a jackpot amount of $2 million once in every two months.

Recently, the 888 Casino has added 2 slots more and also shared the jackpot between these and the popular Millionaire Genie. The two new games are Pirates Millions and Irish Riches. They are developed almost on the same game play with great graphics and details.

888 hosts some other games too with amazing jackpots that pay a life-changing amount of money. One such game is the Treasure Fair. It is a surreal retro game which can give away a jackpot amount of more than $1 million.

Party Casino Jackpots

This is another stand-alone casino that offers unique jackpots to the players. It is ran by the Bwin Party Group. They set up a system of shared jackpot which a single pool that covers many slots. You can also play the interesting Mellon madness game here along with Snow Business.

Party Casino is one of the most trusted casinos with a good track record. It is offers some great gaming options in sports and poker. The jackpot of more than $2 million is often paid regularly. You can check this online casino for some great games and winning online casino jackpots.