How to Win Zynga Poker Every Time?

Zynga Poker is a free card game that has made a splash on Facebook in recent years. Let’s see what it is and what the limits are. And here is how to win Zynga poker every time.


  • Always understand your strategy
  • Analyze and understand the strategy of your competitors.

To users of social networks, the word “Zynga” will not be particularly new. In the wake of social games (such as the best known “FarmVille”), Zynga Poker has also become one of the favorite pastimes for Facebook users.

What is Zynga Poker?

Zynga Poker is a cross between a video game and a community vaguely united by Texas Hold ’em. It gives the possibility to play poker with other fans of the Facebook network on a freeway and simultaneously uploading your photo as an avatar and chat between hands.

This game owes its popularity because it is free and without the possibility of depositing, a factor that implies the presence at the tables of numerous random players.

This is one of the most accessible social gaming apps for poker on the entire network, available online via Facebook on both Mac and Windows; the Zynga Poker app is available for download through the Apple App and Google Play Store.

Given the diversity of devices on which it is supported, each player can log in and play on multiple devices using the same Facebook account. This means, however, that personal information is conveyed from time to time on each device: better keep this in mind.

The success of Zynga’s Texas Hold ’em, however, is causing the company from time to time to offer free tournaments with tickets for real events up for grabs, thus favoring completely casual “social” players.

How to Win in Zynga Poker Every Time

The first notable point about Zynga poker games is that players will play erratically when there is no money at stake. People play considerably more conservatively even in the lowest limit actual cash online games, where the purchase is often as low as $2.

So, once you initially start playing at the online play money tables, get used to everyone being active throughout each hand. Towards the road, they will draw you down with almost anything, and it might affect you knowing how to win in Zynga poker.

As a result, playing tight is the key to winning these games or how to win in zynga poker. What do I mean when I say “play tight”? I’m referring to the fact that you only want to play good cards, like:

  • 66, 88, 99, 77, QQ, KK, AA, JJ, TT
  • AK, AQ, AJ, AT
  • KQ, KJ, QJ

These are some of Texas Hold ’em’s most powerful hands. You will surely beat the play money games if you stick to only playing great hands like this.

You could include a couple of extra hands just before the flop if you like, like tiny pairs (22, 33, 44, 55), suited connectors (JT, 98, 87, 76), and suited aces (A9, A8, A7, A6, A5), but perhaps you should fold almost everything.

Keeping track of the hands, you’re playing will be crucial to your play money success. This is especially apparent if you play Zynga poker on social media networks like Facebook. It’s teeming with lunatics!

This is how to win in zynga poker, would you love to add anything else? We’ll be happy to have it.