How to Play Baccarat and Win?

Do you think that baccarat is a game for the rich because you have seen it played only in land-based casinos in smoky and private rooms, where plaques worth thousands of euros were flying at the table? Well, you’re mistaken. Check this guide on how to play baccarat and win.


  • Never bet on a tie
  • The best bet is on the bank
  • Keep betting on the dealer until he loses
  • Don’t count cards in baccarat
  • Manage your bankroll

Because it is not the name that makes a casino game an elite pastime, but simply the stake, that is the level of the stakes. Not surprisingly, you can play baccarat (both online and live) without having a big bank account: it depends on the limits set by the casino.

The problem, if anything, is to understand how to increase the odds of winning in a very niche game, famous but not as widespread as other casino games, such as slot machines. To begin with, it is essential to know the rules of baccarat well before starting to play. After that, you can follow these five simple baccarat tips to win.

Baccarat Tips to Win

Never Bet On a Tie

We know you would like to bet on a tie in baccarat because you crave the potential reward: for every euro wagered, you would take home 9. The reality, however, is that a tie is a rather rare occurrence in baccarat, and this type of bet is the one that gives the house the highest advantage.

What would you do if we told you that for every 100 euros you bet on a tie at baccarat, about 14.4 goes into the house’s pockets? Because that’s exactly what happens! Do you think that betting on the player’s victory gives the house an advantage of 1.24% (therefore 1.24 euros for every 100 wagered) while betting on the bank’s victory even only 1.06% (i.e., 1.06 euros each 100 episodes)?

The Best Bet Is On The Bank

At this point, you have already arrived at it yourself: on a purely mathematical level, if you want to play the baccarat. The best bet you have to bet is on the bank. There is a straightforward arithmetic reason to understand, and we will discuss the baccarat tips to win.

The dealer has a win percentage that is slightly over 50%. This means that in most cases, the dealer will be the winning bet. In the short term, anything can happen, for heaven’s sake (it’s like throwing a coin), but in the long run, betting on the bank is the best choice.

Keep Betting On The Dealer Until It Loses

One of the most famous abstract concepts in the casino world is that of stripes. It is not based on mathematics, but there is no doubt that the game often returns a series of similar results: a series of reds in roulette, a series of high cards in blackjack, and a series of the consecutive house wins in baccarat.

Our advice for baccarat tips to win is to keep betting on the house, which, as you have learned, is the best choice until it loses. Then stop, but wait for an empty spin before starting betting again.

Don’t Count Cards In Baccarat

The practice of counting cards is not unique to blackjack. Even in online baccarat, it is possible to count cards from a purely theoretical point of view. Even assuming you can (and it’s much more difficult than blackjack), the problem is that it’s perfectly useless.

The advantage gained from hypothetical card counting at baccarat is so insignificant that it is simply not worth it. Then, if you want to dabble in this practice for your satisfaction, it’s a different kettle of fish—speaking of baccarat tips to win.

Manage Your Bankroll

While baccarat is not a game exclusive to the rich, the situation can get out of hand if you don’t set yourself limits (a very important baccarat tips to win). This is why it is necessary to establish a budget and respect it even in this game without ifs and buts.

The best thing you can do is establish an amount you intend to dedicate to baccarat, divide it by the sessions (weekly or daily, depending on how often you play the game), and never go beyond it.

If you have more question on how to play baccarat and win, then please let us know in the comment section.