Can You Win Money By Playing Online Poker?

Do you have a question in mind that can you win money by playing online poker?

Of course. The reality is that at low and medium levels of play, as a general rule, most players are not good players, and many manage to win money with poker. Based on our experience, at least three types of players are not particularly good players and still manage to make money like becoming a poker pro.


  • Aggressive players can make short-term money.
  • Cautious players lose money by being too tight on their bankroll.
  • Indecisive players with good strategies make money on the long run.

Make Money With Poker – Aggressive Players

In the first place, there are the very aggressive players with little respect for money, those who see the game as a competition to the death or a parade ground for their egos. These players can be long-term winners as they steal a lot of pots out of sheer aggression. Most of these players will not be successful in the future unless there is a severe adjustment to their game and mindset.

Make Money With Poker – Excessively Tight Players

Then there are the excessively tight or immobile players, the tightest, the ones who will only play with a substantial range of hands so that he is sure he can win. Their style can ultimately produce a positive mindset, so by definition, they are winning.

But the reality is that they are not going to be outstanding players. They are often tight-fisted who play daily, trying to scratch a few euros/dollars daily with poker, with no pretense of leveling up or progressing as players.

They don’t have a good game because they are very cautious of their funds, so they always discard cards, plays, and opportunities to steal pots. In the end, they miss out on a lot of money-making opportunities through stealing blinds and pots from passive players, which ultimately translates into a lot of money lost even through becoming a poker pro.

Make Money With Poker – Indecisive Players

Finally, some people are too variable with their game system. They try to find the best strategy to play and introduce constant changes to make their plays profitable without any stable base. This means that they do not play comfortably or with confidence in their system, so they will make many base errors.

All these archetypes that I am talking about, depending on the level, characteristics of the player, and the environment in which they play, are players who usually make money with poker or towards becoming a poker pro. They are not good because they are imperfect archetypes, with many aspects to polish and file.

But with this, we want to convey to you that despite this, they earn money like becoming a poker pro, with a better base and with better tools to improve their game such as those offered by Poker Masters, they would become real winners in the long term.

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