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Online casinos offer a huge choice of games, payment methods and entertainment. There are hundreds of great casinos online. Our personal favorite is the following.


Live Casinos

Live casino is where you can get to experience the real world casino gambling.  All tables are completely focused by High Definition cameras surrounding each table. A real dealer will host the game, you get to see your co-players live on the screen.


100% Welcome Bonus up to $500


Some online casinos offer big jackpots. In the following, we have chosen the online casino with one of the highest jackpots.


Different Online Casino Games

Below are some of the games you can play in such online casinos:

Different people like different games, but at the end great deals and big pot winnings matters a lot. Each and every game is unique and requires a lot of knowledge and tricks to win it. If you are really interested and talented in any one specific game, then you can choose to sign up with a specialized website.

Specialized sites offers any one or more games online. The advantage in choosing a specialized web site is that you’ll get more offers and bonus opportunities. Instead of signing with one web site you can sign up with few more websites. That way, each websites will allow you to enjoy the bonus and benefits on signing up.

This Online Guide Offers Expert Knowledge and Experience

Online Casino Guide is written and made available for use by industry experts. The experience and knowledge of our team is vast and extensive. You may not be so sure about choosing the right place for casino games online, but today at the end of this review, you will learn to do it. Get to know the most important practices that help you make a good fortune through online casinos.

When you are not doing a proper analysis before choosing an online casino, it may lead you to loss of time and money. The actual facts and information about the online casinos can give you the much needed ideas to choose a best trusted online casino online.

Which Online Casinos You Should Look for?

In fact, people end up landing on a wrong place while they actually need a good gambling site. Our choice of online casinos are filtered and ranked based on various aspects. We heard from a large set of experienced gamblers, it is truly very tough to identify the trusted online casinos online. Especially, the rules and regulations across nations are not the same.

Play Through Mobile Apps

Playing games on big screens can offer the better view and close to live experience. But, you may not be able to play on the go with desktops. Use the technology to take the casino along with you while you travel. Most of the online casinos optimize their websites to mobile versions, also provides the users with easy to use apps for Android and iOS.

Connectivity should be flawless to use a mobile app, but also some apps consumes very less data and tend to work in worst network connectivity. Since, you can access the apps for free, it doesn’t gonna cost anything other than internet. At the same time, it allows you participate on more tables each day. Win while you are on the move. Is there anything better you can do while traveling?

Make sure you have an uninterrupted internet while playing for real money. That is the major reason why people lose money, poor network connection. Though you may have a winning hand, bad connectivity might blow away your fortune. Choose to install the app in devices which have good battery life, also if you want to access live casinos, then you should get a device with high definition screen and camera. But live casinos are always better in bigger screens. In fact I know people who use to cast their mobile screen to monster TVs.

High Roller Casinos

Despite the fact that all casinos are potential enough to offer bigger pots, really big money and unbelievable amount of Jackpots comes from High roller casinos. Here is where big hands come to win big money.

Gambling is all about winnings, people who have a sound bank roll might not be interested in playing for few bucks. That is pretty normal, but bigger bets are rare in a normal online casino. People who bets really small amount of money can enjoy spending time on small pots. People with deep pockets will enjoy their time in high roller casinos. Bet big, win big.

Play Live

Live casinos is where you can get to experience the real world casino gambling. It’s a great choice if you don’t like watching the graphics. Instead, you can access a live online casino where everything is real. All tables are completely focused by High Definition cameras surrounding each table. A real dealer will host the game, you get to see your co-players live on the screen.

While the game is on, everything is real and works just like a brick and mortar casino. Only difference is everything is happening online, players sits at their home or yacht and anywhere they can stream through their device, dealer and the table is at the studios of online casino.

In general, people who visit live casinos are often interested in bigger bets. But not as big a high roller casinos. Still you’ll be able to play for decent bets between 50 bucks to few thousand bucks. Also, the experience is really good, playing an online game with players and dealer who can interact live.

Bonus Matters a Lot

While getting in to gambling, you may have plans to limit your plays. But, the most obvious thing is you end up playing very frequently. When you get frequent bonuses and offers from an online casino, it will not only help you bet more, it will help increase the winnings to a great extent.

Two major bonus among online casinos are sign up bonus and first deposit bonus. Generally, either free spins, cash, or both. Choosing a better bonus makes the chances brighter for great winnings.

Money Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Once you are ready to sign up, choose a payment system that you think is better for you. Online casinos allows you to make deposits through many channels. In some banks, transferring money can be cumbersome, if your bank is good at making instant transfers for gambling than go for it. Else, choosing e-wallets can be a better choice to deposit and withdraw money easily.

Also, it is better to maintain a separate wallet, so that you can track your earning in a more organized way. Most of the times, people are not aware of how much they have totally deposited and how much they actually won. Maintaining proper records is helpful in several ways.

Withdrawal Options

This is the most important area where you need the expert advice. Online casinos offers a variety of withdrawal methods. Process and procedures may vary, but end of the day you should be able to make a withdrawal smoothly.

Some of the online casinos might ask you to fill up a withdrawal form and attach your identity proof. It is because of the fact that, even your online casino account has real money. At the event of loss of your id password, nobody should misuse it to loot your winnings. It’s a great idea to follow such procedures when you are dealing with high volumes.

Also, the approximate process time should be considered while signing up. Some casinos credits the money within hours from the time the withdrawal request is made, some may take up to a week. After all, you wouldn’t want to wait for long, sooner the process sooner you can put your hands on the cash.

No deposit Online Casinos

Casinos dealing with real money are more in numbers, few of them offers membership without any deposits. However, you have to deposit money in order to participate in the games to win real money. Moreover, you can get a sign up bonus from some of those sites. Such casinos are a great treat for your hunger for money.

Get inside and start winning, if you are successful in first few games, then you have the higher chances to grow your winnings and bag a huge sum without depositing any.

Choose between Real Cash and Fake Cash

Not all Casinos deal with real money, there are countless websites and apps that offers you games with fake money. Which means you will not win any money. Upon winning a series of tables in such sites, all you get is fake cash which cannot be transferred to your bank account or digital wallets.

If you are up to win real cash, you should choose an online casino which deals with real money. Fake cash are for time-passers who don’t want to bet anything other than their time. Choose to win Jackpots from real online casinos which can make people rich. In that case, you should be very careful on the selection of web sites or apps.


Beginner players should be really careful while signing up for an online casino. Gambling online is fun, but at the same time you should be choosy in setting up an online casino account. It’s better to choose a good bonus offer for signing up. That is the best way to start playing in an online casino. Further, tracking your deposits and withdrawals are key to be informed about your winnings.

Some of the online casinos allows you to gamble with fake cash. That is another way to understand and get hold of your favorite game. It won’t make sense if you lose a winning game while playing for real cash.

Gaining the confidence and learning the tricks becomes easy with fake cash. After all, you are not losing anything at all. Once you are familiar with the game you can try signing up for online casinos which works on real money.

Good online casinos will always have a smooth flow of process. Transparency is something that determines the fakes from the legit websites. Signing up with a legitimate casino will give you better gaming and winnings.

Hope the guide was helpful. All the best. Happy Gambling!!!